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Do you enjoy meeting people from different cultures? Are you interested in exploring new places and learning new things? Have you wondered what it would be like to spend some time overseas?

If you replied ‘Yes” to any of the above, participate in one of the Sunway Cultural Exchange programmes!

Here is how you can get involved:

With the new normal in place, we may not be able to travel in person, but our virtual programmes are in place! We continue to introduce the world and various cultures to our students through social media and virtual engagements.


Virtual Intercultural Programme

The Virtual Intercultural Programme (VIP) aims to create a platform to promote partnerships between Sunway University and its partner universities, institution and culture of both institutions and countries. Participants will be able to engage with staff and students of both institutions and gain insight on local and international culture.

Click here to watch the VIP x Western Michigan University

MY Journey

A celebration of Malaysian culture, MY Journey - or Malaysian Journey, is a new talk series by Sunway Cultural Exchange revolving around the beauty of all things Malaysian.

The series aims to introduce Malaysian culture to the world and reignite the appreciation for local culture amongst Malaysians.

As the title suggests, MY Journey will be hosting story-tellers to share their personal passage through Malaysian culture, be it through research knowledge, expertise or life experiences.

Global Culture Café

The Global Culture Cafe is a series of social events and cultural workshops to introduce various countries & cultures around the world to the Sunway community. Learn more about the interesting places to visit, food, activities and more! Follow us on our social media pages for the next session.

Click here to watch the Mauritius edition!

Lancaster: The Virtual Experience

Lancaster: The Virtual Experience, in collaboration with Lancaster University, is the first ever ‘virtual exchange’ to Lancaster, United Kingdom, allowing the Chancellor Scholars to have a taste of
Lancaster and also the opportunity to connect students from both universities. A range of synchronous and asynchronous experiences were created which included “Meet the Chancellor”, also “face-to-face" discussions with senior academic staff, along with experiential activities such as a “Walking Tour” as well as being involved in engaging activities such as a team “Pub Quiz” with LU students, and also some immersive activities such as “Afternoon Tea/Elevenses”.

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First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia

Students who are studying abroad in a new country for the very first time may have plenty of worries and concerns about how to adapt and even make friends. Catered to international students for each new intake, the First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia programme will provide students with information on basic needs, academics, culture and a platform to meet local seniors to assist with their preparation and transitioning before arriving in Malaysia.

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Every year since 2012, Sunway Chancellors Scholars will serve as SCE Ambassadors for 7 to 10 months. As ambassadors, they will assist the Sunway Cultural Exchange team in planning activities for guest students from overseas. In addition, the ambassadors will travel to Lancaster University to participate in the International Cultural Experience programme to further develop their leadership skills and cross-cultural understanding.

During the 10 months, the Ambassador will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan and coordinate inbound exchange programmes with buddies
  • Expand their international network
  • Learn and share their knowledge on Malaysia and its culture
  • Publicise the outbound programme

What They Say:

Joel Loh Hwei Yung, 2019
My tenure as an ambassador has been one fraught with joy and laughter. The memories constantly echo within my head. The flambuoyant personalities you meet combined with the engrossing conversations with people from all walks of life. Truly the experience has left a powerful mark on my life.  


Michelle Cheong, 2018
This programme has given me a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Besides being given the opportunity for cross-cultural understanding, team-work and leadership development, one most remarkable takeaways would be the friendships formed with the ambassadors, buddies and also the LU students! I am more than grateful to be part of this amazing team!


Yvonne Tan Yi Wen, 2017 
The ambassador programme was an eye-opening experience whereby meaningful friendships were built and discoveries about self were made. I have learned so much from it and gained valuable experiences through the opportunities given to me. An appreciation of the diversity of culture here in Malaysia was also instilled in me through this programme.


Tay Xin Ying, 2016
I am really grateful that I was granted a chance to participate in this programme. Not only did I gain amazing personal experiences and growth, I also got to widen my social network with friends from different countries. Thanks to this opportunity, I got to understand more about the UK culture as well as sharing my knowledge of our culture to my beloved Lancaster buddies.


Destinee Koh, 2014
The exchange programme helped me develop business skills at challenges that required out-of-the-box thinking. This experience has also reinforced my resume for the future and helped me gain competitive advantage. This programme has helped me strengthen my character, developing leadership by being more respectful and tolerant of others.




The Lancaster Summer Programme is a 3-week programme that focuses on the development of an international mind set, transferable skills and employability of students. With these opportunities, the institution hopes that the participants will develop strong international networks as they move towards building a career. In these 3 weeks, students will be exposed to 5 areas of development:

  1. Academia
  2. Community
  3. Business
  4. Government
  5. Personal development


  • Visiting the farming industry
  • Local business visits
  • Understanding British politics and culture
  • Volunteering in local communities
  • Visiting London and nearby cities
  • Understanding Lancaster University and its structure


Recruitment period: April

Travel period: July – August


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The Korean Exchange is a 3-week summer exchange programme that aims to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn about Korea through Korean language classes and cultural activities. This programme mainly consists of classroom lectures, cultural sessions and field trips to cultural and historic places.


  • Korean Language Classes
  • Ceramic Art Classes
  • Korean Traditional Music and Dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Taekwondo classes
  • Seoul Tours
  • Folk Village Tours
  • Calligraphy Classes


Recruitment period: July-August

Travel period: August


Click here to view more.



The Korean Winter Exchange is a 2-week programme that allows you to learn more about Korean culture through its language classes, cultural workshops and field trips.


  • Korean Language Classes
  • Ceramic Art Classes
  • Korean Traditional Music and Dance classes
  • K-Pop dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Taekwondo classes
  • Seoul Tours
  • Folk Village Tours
  • Snow Sledding


Recruitment period: October – November

Travel period: December or January


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The Malaysian Experience is a 4-week programme that gives participants an opportunity to learn about Malaysia in areas of culture, business, government, volunteerism and academics. At the end of the programme, the institution hopes that participants are able to gain knowledge on the Malaysian culture and expand their network across the globe.


  • Experiencing homestay at a rural area
  • Volunteering in local communities
  • Learn about Sustainable Development efforts in Malaysia
  • Learn about religions in Malaysia while visiting religious sites

Benefits of joining this programme:

  • Develop leadership skills and intercultural understanding
  • Meet new people and expand your network across Asia
  • Experience a new culture


  • Minimum CGPA 2.50 or equivalent
  • Active participant in extracurricular activities
  • Proof of English Proficiency for non-native speakers as all activities will be conducted in English


What They Say

Bahar Katranbayiri (UK), 2019
The Malaysian Experience programme was so incredibly insightful, invaluable and jam-packed with fun activities. This programme allowed me to explore Malaysia in a way that no tourist could. My favourite moment was the opportunity to live with a Malay family for the weekend.

Rebecca Amy Scott (UK), 2017
Before joining the programme, I was a different person to the person I am today; and that is because of my experiences at Sunway, and in Malaysia. Travelling 14 hours across the world is a daunting prospect, but upon arrival - as cliched as it sounds - it felt like home. I have never felt more comfortable in a foreign country as I have in Malaysia - the people I’ve met have inspired me endlessly with their kindness and willingness to help, and it is because of this experience that I am now a more confident person, eager to throw myself into any situation that comes my way. The diversity, the food, the nature and the atmosphere are all unforgettable, and I can say from the bottom of my heart that these 3 weeks have been the best of my life. I’m counting the days until I can return.

Lorenzo Coni (Italy), 2016
During these three weeks not only my mind became richer with eye-opening experiences, but my heart grew bigger day by day as I got to know such wonderful people as our buddies and all of our Malaysian hosts. Without them this trip wouldn’t have been the same and I wouldn’t be lucky enough to call them my friends. All of the effort they put in organising, managing and realising this exchange programme made it a special experience that, I’m sure will never be forgotten.


Despina Michail (UK), 2014
When I entered the airport to get my flight to Malaysia I knew no one. Luckily for me, I had the chance to meet people there that even though there is a huge possibility of not seeing them again in my life, I have created such bonds with them that I consider them my family. This is the actual reason that my trip was unforgettable. Not the buildings or the taste of food that faded away after the first sip of water. It was the fact that I saw and experienced all these through the eyes of special people. They are the reason why Malaysia is now part of my heart and not just a shaded region on a map. This is also the reason I feel like I will never be completely at home again.


Tom Ley (UK), 2012
If there is one the thing the country seemed to have in abundance, it was diversity. The greatest example of this for me was, quite simply, the food. It soon struck me that Malaysia has a little bit of everything; a bit of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western culture, food and language, a bit of urban and a bit of rural, and certainly enough tall buildings to get a proper view of it all. The history and culture is as diverse as the food, as different influences collide and combine to make something unique

Travel period: June - July


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Want to learn about different cultures without having to leave Malaysia? Sunway Global Friends Community is a student body for you to explore, learn and share the cultures of Malaysia and the world!

You will also have the opportunity to make new friends from other countries who come to Sunway to experience Malaysian culture. It will be the experience of a lifetime!

Take part in various activities, trainings and programmes such as:

  • Cultural exploration trips
  • Intercultural competency & self-development training
  • Team building
  • Host international guests

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You may reach the entire team at


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