Enhancing student well-being

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support services that enhance the overall well-being and experience of our students. In addition to academic resources, we offer specific services catering to practical needs and personal safety.

Student locker

Convenience is key to a smooth university experience. Our student locker services offer a secure and accessible space for students to store belongings, books, and personal items on campus.

Student locker
Student locker
Student locker

Where is the locker situated?

College Building:

  1. Ground Floor (beside Admission & Security Office)
  2. Third Floor (beside CIMP Office)

University Building:

  1. Seventh Floor (West Wing)

How much is the rental?

Locker rental is on yearly basis. It costs RM280.

Deposit: RM 100
1st year rental: RM 180
Total = RM 280

How big is the locker?

locker size

Local student insurance

Which insurance company is providing the insurance?

AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad.

Who is covered?

Local students from age of 16 until 64.

What is covered under the policy?

Local students are covered under Group Personal Accident (PA) insurance.

The policy covers the risk of accidental injury or accidental death to the Insured Person resulting directly and independently of all other causes from bodily injuries caused by accident, better described in and subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Below is the benefit schedule:

Benefit DetailsSum Insured
Accidental DeathRM 20,000
Permanent Disablement due to AccidentUp to RM 20,000
Accidental Medical ReimbursementUp to RM 5,000

How do I make the claim?

This insurance claim is Pay and Claim basis. Please submit together the completed form with original receipt.

Reach us at:

  1. Student LIFE Office at Ground Floor, North, College Building
  2. Email us at studentsupport@sunway.edu.my
Reach out and contact us!