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If you want to play sports socially, getting fitter and healthier at SunGym or be part of a team, Sunway is the place to be for students who love sports.

Sports Council

The Sports Council provides opportunities for interested students to lead in the area of sports, and they are entrusted with:

  • Organising sporting events (such as inter-varsity tournaments and leagues)
  • Networking with sports clubs on campus to enhance the quality of activities on offer
  • Organising sports clinics on a variety of subjects


Sports Volunteers

Sports Volunteers have the opportunities to develop skills and gain experience by volunteering in sports events.


Sports Training

In order to improve individual and team-based sports, our sports team organises coaching and training for teams with skilled trainers.


Sports Facilities

Our sports team grants access to many sports and recreational facilities (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply):

  • SunGym
  • FIFA 1 Star Synthetic Football Field
  • Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  • Tennis Court
  • Netball/ Dodgeball / Handball Court
  • Jogging Track
  • Squash Courts
  • Olympic Sized Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis Tables
  • Power Studio
  • English Pool Table
  • Badminton Courts


Sports Scholarships

Our sports team believes in rewarding those who go the extra mile – Sports Scholarships are available for promising state and national level athletes who wish to look into furthering their sporting level, and even career.

Whether your interest is in ball games, racket sports, martial arts, track and field, aquatics, performance or even board games; there is a club for you to select.

  1. Athletic
  2. Badminton
  3. Basketball (Men)
  4. Basketball (Women)
  5. Captain Ball
  6. Chess
  7. Cheerleading
  8. Cricket
  9. Dance
  10. Dodgeball
  11. Football
  12. Futsal (Women)
  13. Frisbee
  14. Handball
  15. NERF
  16. Netball
  17. Parkour
  18. Rugby
  19. Squash
  20. Swimming
  21. Table Tennis
  22. Tennis
  23. Volleyball
  24. Yoga
  25. Storm 8 Martial Art
  26. Muay Thai
  27. Judo
  28. Taekwondo (WTF)
  29. Jujitsu
  30. Kendo


SunGym is located at the Sun-U Residence next to Tower A. The gym is equipped with a wide range of cardiac and weighting machines, free weights area, studio rooms, changing rooms with solar-powered heater, lockers to store your personal belongings, an open deck resting area facing the beautiful FIFA 1 Star Certified Football Field, and a juice bar to refuel your body. The gym also has professional fitness trainers to give advices and consultation services and provide a series of group fitness activities.


Opening Times

Mondays to Fridays 7.00am – 10.00pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays 7.00am – 7.00pm


How to subscribe membership?

Student    :     Log into iZone > Menu Services > eForms > Sunway Application eForm

Staff         :     Log into Vine > E-Applications > eForms > SunGym Application eForm

The system will send a confirmation to the email address submitted. Kindly present the confirmation to the security when you proceed to SunGym for payment. The SunGym is located at the Sun-U Residence next to Tower A. Kindly access the Sun-U Residence via the canopy walk only.


SunGym Rules and Regulations

  1. Only registered members are allowed to use the gym facilities.
  2. Members are required to wear proper attire when using the gym facilities.
  3. Members are not allowed to pass ID card to other members, barefoot or wearing flip flops during exercising and put belongings on the gym floor when using the gym facilities.
  4. Members are not allowed to leave personal belongings in the lockers overnight. The Management will open the locker (by force if necessary) and remove anything that is left at the end of each day. The management will not be held responsible for any item lost as a result.
  5. Members are responsible to re-rack the weights after use.
  6. Members are responsible to bring a towel to wipe off the sweat left on the gym floor after exercise or the seats of weight machines after use.
  7. Members are advised to use the gym facilities in proper manner. Should member not know the proper way of using any of the facilities, please consult the trainers in the gym.
  8. The management cannot be held responsible for the loss of life or injuries suffered or the damage to or loss of personal property left within the vicinity of SunGym.

The personnel in the SunGym are authorized to advise the members on the usage of the facilities or seize members from using a facility as deemed necessary (misuse of the facility, malfunction of the facility, prevent further injury suffered by the user, etc.)   


An Olympic-sized swimming pool where you can swim a race course of 50 metres in length.


Opening Times

Open daily from 9.00am to 12.00pm and from 4.00pm to 9.00pm.


Using the Swimming Pool

Students who want to use the swimming pool have to apply for a swimming club membership card at Sports Office (located at the Student LIFE Centre, North Building, Sunway College) on Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am to 5.30pm. The student needs to bring along the membership card and present it to the security guard at Sun-U Residence to gain access to the swimming pool.

The applicant is required to submit one copy of passport-sized photo and to pay one-time application fee RM 10.00 and monthly fee RM 6.00. 

All students are advised to read and understand the swimming pool rules and regulations before arriving the swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. Please SHOWER before entering the pool.
  2. No spitting and littering into the pool and its adjacent area.
  3. No food, drinks or pets are allowed in and around the pool area.
  4. Do not urinate in the pool. Please be considerate towards other pool users.
  5. Do not put clothing, footwear, towels, or glassware at the edge of the pool.
  6. No running and playing is allowed at the pool area.
  7. No shouting at any part of the pool.
  8. No rough play or ball game of any sort is permitted in the pool.
  9. Bulky floats or scuba gears are prohibited.
  10. Strictly NO DIVING is allowed.
  11. Do not use the pool at first signs of impending rain or a thunderstorm.
  12. Swimmers are to be attired in proper swimming wear when using the pool.
  13. Bikini wear is not allowed.
  14. Usage of body and suntan lotion is strictly prohibited.
  15. The pool is out-of-bound to those who are:
    1. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    2. Suffering from contagious of infectious diseases
    3. Wearing bandages or with open wound(s)
    4. Unruly in behaviour
  16. Kindly produce your resident/swimming club membership card or other valid ID when requested by the authorized personnel.
  17. Intimate and/or indecent behaviour in the pool or within its vicinity is strictly prohibited.
  18. Swimmers at below 16 years of age are prohibited to use the pool unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult (competent swimmer) who is at least 16 years of age in the swimming pool.
  19. Swimmers are not allowed to use the swimming pool without the supervision of lifeguard.
  20. Use the pool at your own risk.
  21. The management cannot be held responsible for the loss of life or injuries suffered or the damage to or loss of personal property left within the swimming pool area.

Mok Chuang Chin / Jeremy Khoo / Mohamad Fahmi Rizwan / Sureshkumar Paramasivam
+6 03 7491 8622 Ext. 3043
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