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The Sunway Alumni Relations team looks after all aspects of the institution's relations with its former students and fully concentrates on alumni issues. We provide valuable benefits and programmes that allow our alumni to stay connected with their alma mater. As an independent unit in Student LIFE Centre, we cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with and among current and future Sunway alumni worldwide. In all that we do, we believe in the importance of education and are fully committed in providing excellent service with utmost integrity. 


  • Promote and foster effective relationships and active involvement between alumni and the Sunway institutions
  • Keep our alumni in touch with Sunway via networking & developmental opportunities and highlighting their achievements while at this
  • Strive to create a platform of contribution back to the alma mater

Stay in touch!

Our Alumni Exclusive Events allow you to meet your fellow alumni and build a strong network to develop yourself and enhance your skills. It is always a joy to find out you come from the same institution and reminisce about the old times. This unique alumni network can support you throughout your life – whether to build your career, to develop your business, or to grow your social network.

Join us for:

Alumni Networking Mixer

Interactive networking sessions which are exclusively for our alumni to gain exposure to topics and sharing which are industry-relevant. You will get the opportunity to connect with other alumni in your current area of work!


What can be more iconic for alumni than to have reunions? Meet up with your old classmates and talk about how fast time has flown. Who knows, some of your lecturers may still be around! If you’d like to organise one, just get in touch with us!

As Sunway Alumni, we believe that your success can have the power to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals and expand their horizons. We hope that you will join us to inspire your juniors by guiding them on their Sunway journey. Make a difference in the next generation of great minds today!

You can partner with us in these ways:

Be a Mentor
Groom top students through coaching sessions, focusing on core competencies which are highly sought after in the workplace. To serve as a mentor, you will need to have 3 years of corporate working experience and hold at least a Senior Executive position.

Give Inspiring Talks
Share your experience and knowledge by speaking to our current students. Tell them your story, inspire them to pursue your chosen career and encourage them to make the most of their tertiary education experience.


Alumni Giving Info

As Sunway Alumni, we believe that your success can have the power to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals and expand their horizons. Inspire your juniors and make a difference in the lives of your next generation. We invite you to join hands with us to support one of the most meaningful scholarships we offer, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship. It is awarded to students from children’s welfare homes, NGOs and underprivileged communities, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and allowances. To date, over 200 bright students’ hopes and dreams have been realised and they are appreciative of the opportunity for a tertiary education.


As Sunway Alumni, you still have access to some of the facilities you enjoyed as a student! So you don’t have to miss us too much, just come back to campus! Among the benefits are:

You may enjoy our campus library which has 3 floors, with a total floor area of 72,000 sqft and provides more than 1,000 seats. You may use all open shelf books and periodicals within the Library, borrow AV materials for viewing within the Library premises, and access E-databases within Library premises. It is just an application form away!

Go to Library Application to access the Application Form for External Membership.

*You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent to utilise this alumni privilege. It is not applicable to alumni who have completed Pre-University programmes, financial courses or short courses.


Situated at Tower A of the Sun-U Residence, you will not miss the orange SunGym logo gleaming at you from afar. You can now enjoy this 12,000 sqft facility that houses state of the art strength, cardio, and free weights equipment. If you prefer group workouts, then feel free to join in the Zumba, Yoga, Boot-camp style, Cross-fit style, toning classes and many more. Register at



Sunway Alumni Pals Card
A collaboration with Sunway Pals to create a card especially for you! It’s a loyalty programme that rewards you with points & other special privileges on your spending from participating merchants and selected Sunway businesses. To sign up, please submit your details at


Career Advising
Our Career Services team continues to offer their services to Sunway Alumni throughout their careers. Whether you are a young graduate or an experienced hire, you may make an appointment to have a chat with our friendly Career advisors. Among the services available are:

  • Career Counselling
  • Career & Interest Assessment
  • Career Resources
  • Resume Critique
  • Mock Interview
  • Career Fairs
  • Job Ads
  • Job Placement
  • Internship

Aloysius Ang Yu Chien
BSc (Hons) Information Technology

I am a co-founder of COREDGE, an innovation developer agency which exists to bring ideas to life and business into future. As a graduate from both Sunway University and Sunway College – with a BSc (Hons) Information Technology – I have a passion in tech innovation, and enjoy educating people about tech. Apart from being a geek, I love to hunt for the best food in town, and to meet new people.

At a young age, I developed a growing interest in computers and technology, and was fascinated by how machines are able to improve the way people live, work and play. I was firm about my career path to be a computer engineer - that is, until my education at Sunway exposed me to the world of entrepreneurship. With the help of the lecturers, I was able to piece both technology and business together. The university also did play its part in providing me with a platform to shine – and by the Grace of God, I won a Silver Medal for Innovation (for the Smartphone Based Auxiliary System for Drivers) at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2014, and got third place in the IDEAs Business Startup Competition!

Upon graduation, I worked as a software developer in ApptivityLab before cofounding COREDGE, for which I am the project lead. With a team of awesome individuals, we set out to build amazing websites and mobile applications. I have experience working with prominent companies – such as Astro and iMoney – as well as other SMEs and start-ups. One of ALUMNI ON THE MOVE 22 my greatest accomplishments so far was partnering with an Australian start-up to build an app which was then featured in the Apple App Store as “Best New App” and “Best Fashion App”.

I am constantly on the move, wanting to change the world through ideas, codes and products. Have Faith!


Itianne Lee
BSc (Hons) Psychology

I enrolled in Sunway University’s BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2011 – and for me, it was a time of exploration and discovery at both personal and intellectual levels. I managed to maintain the Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Continuing 75% Scholarship for three consecutive years! It was challenging but very rewarding, and I had a great time making many lifelong memories.

After graduating, I worked as a Teaching Assistant – and working at Sunway University was an absolute pleasure, with the experience giving me a taste of academic life. Although the teaching hours are fixed at definite times, one is given a certain amount of flexibility and freedom. This is something to cherish, though this “freedom” comes with responsibility, commitment and selfdiscipline. I also had the opportunity to interact with different students. While different students have different learning styles, it was incredibly rewarding to see subtle but progressive changes in them.

The Psychology Department gave me far more support and encouragement than I could ever imagine. I was given a chance to co-author a research paper – and it won Gold Medal for Best Paper Presentation (Professional Category) at the International Conference on Applied Psychology 2015! The paper was presented by Associate Professor Dr. Alvin Ng Lai Oon from the Department of Psychology, with whom I co-authored it with.

This success further motivated me to pursue my postgraduate studies - so I chose the MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Bangor University, because of its highly reputable Psychology Department. Furthermore, I was given an International Scholarship and a Postgraduate Achievement Scholarship! This course is also approved by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, which would enable me to work in many parts of the world. It will be very gratifying if I can help individuals suffering from behavioural problems to live a more productive life. I hope to be able to contribute towards knowledge in this field as a scientist-practitioner. Perhaps, most appealingly, I could one day use the principles of behaviour modification to improve the quality of life.I enrolled in Sunway University’s BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2011 – and for me, it was a time of exploration and discovery at both personal and intellectual levels. I managed to maintain the Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Continuing 75% Scholarship for three consecutive years! It was challenging but very rewarding, and I had a great time making many lifelong memories.

Joshua Yee
Bsc (Hons) Business Management

Joshua Yee is a caffeine dependent life-form. I want to live in a world where cars can fly, Windows Operating System was never invented – Mac, the best OS ever! – and iPhones are cheaper. I was born into a Chinese family in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I spend most of my free time reading, playing football, and drinking coffee whenever I can. I also sing and play the electric guitar for my church.

After completing the Australian Matriculation in Sunway, I stayed on in Sunway University to pursue my degree in Business Management. Today, I possess the BSc (Hon) in Business Management, and I am proud to be a Sunway Alumni. My study life at Sunway University has shaped me to become more focused, and a stronger individual. Having also been very active in my local church while juggling my assignments and exams, I learned the ability to manage my time wisely, as well as maintaining the standard of my work.

Upon graduation, I spent a brief period in Naga DDB – a high-profile advertising agency – before deciding to take my career into a different direction. Today, I am a Project Analyst in Leaderonomics, currently involved in the Campus Division.

Since joining Leaderonomics, I have led programmes for university students, and co-developed business simulations that enhance student learning in a more experiential and meaningful way. I feel passionate when I see young people realise their true potential, leading them to take realistic steps to pursue their dreams.

My message to Students

Do not be influenced by what people say and think about you! Peer pressure is real – but we can kick it in the butt! Remember: what you study does not necessarily determine where you end up in the future. So do everything in moderation, and remember to have a balanced life!

Sherlyn Yong Geok San
Bsc (Hons) Psychology

EPIC Homes is a place where radical dreamers, courageous trailblazers and selfless team players lend their hand to provide safe and sustainable housing for the underprivileged communities, starting with the Orang Asli. It is a platform where Extraordinary People Impacting Community (EPIC). At EPIC, we aim to see a world where serving others is a lifestyle. To quote Helen Keller, who inspires me, “The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

My passion has always been to serve others especially the indigenous people and refugees. I believe that through serving these communities, I not only receive satisfaction when I see them feeling happy, but I also get to help those who are in need. Studying psychology in Sunway has taught me to understand others who are less fortunate. When I completed my studies, I started my internship in EPIC Homes – and currently, I am working full time in EPIC Homes as the current leader of community development. As part of my duties, I lead volunteers to visit the Orang Asli village, understand their culture, and consult the Orang Asli regarding building homes.

My work in EPIC Homes has been an adventurous roller coaster ride, because EPIC taught me three important lessons in life. First is the importance of serving others who are underprivileged. This is what EPIC Homes’s vision and mission clearly shows. Second is the fundamental rule in EPIC – to understand others through relationship building and by listening first. I remember Johnson Oei, my boss, always teaching me to love others unconditionally. Finally, the job is not all about the benefits and income that we get. One must always think of the experience, and always learn to be nice to all – even to the cleaning lady.

My strongest impression of EPIC is the learning culture. I feel this is a good way to encourage the contribution of opinions and ideas – which leads us to great teamwork. To end with another quote from the source of my inspiration, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


Aiman Maulan
BA (Hons) in Communication

I became fond of the Malaysian media, specifically the editorial side after my internship and wanted to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, being a fresh graduate put me at a disadvantageous position as I had to compete against others with years of job experience. Eventually, I found a solution. I created my own media company. With the power of Google and utilising the branding, graphics and media skills I’ve gained from my degree, I started my own tech & gaming website, and a YouTube channel. Even if I fail to make a living out of it, I would’ve at least gained the necessary experience and knowledge to land a job. My website continued to grow, reaching as high as 36,000 monthly visitors, and I was eventually approached by a gaming media company called Gamehubs. The founder offered me a job as an editor, where I’ll be managing content for both their magazine and website. Here I am now, the editor of both Gamehubs and The Assemblage.

Other people might think it was my lucky streak but they didn’t see the hard work that I’ve put in. Media companies usually have plenty of people to perform specific tasks, from web developers to a fullfledged editorial team. With very little money, I became the one-man army needed to run the business, which included maintaining the website, writing articles, recording videos, and more. My advice is that if there are no opportunities, you create them. The only thing that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams, is you.


Lim Fang Hao
American Degree Transfer Program

I graduated in Microbiology, with a minor in Emerging Global Diseases. I transferred to Iowa State University through the American Degree Transfer Program (Center for American Education) at Sunway University.

After graduating from Iowa State University in May 2015, I applied for several entry level positions throughout The States. Unfortunately, my work authorisation was rejected by the Department of Homeland Security, which led me to return home.

I spent my remaining days in the US with friends, volunteering at the Ames Public Library and even travelled via university-sponsored trips. During that span of time, I visited 25 out of 50 states there. Not a bad tally, in my opinion!

Now that I am back to reality, I am still looking for a job pertaining to my major which is in the realm of healthcare. In the meantime, I have committed more time in writing for my personal blog and hopefully submit some of my work to Readers’ Digest as well.

What I have gained in the last four years at Sunway University has helped me to adapt to such changes at different stages of life. The two key lessons I have learnt was networking and personal growth. Sunway University’s student-centric campus broadened my social and professional network while the lecturers played a big role in my personal growth.


Mikhail Hendro
Diploma inHospitality & Tourism Management

Growing up on a tiny Island in Batam, Indonesia, I was enriched with many cultures and languages. It has always been my dream to further my studies overseas because I wanted see the world and make friends of different cultures. Enrolling in the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management was like a dream come true. I made many friends from Korea, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and even Botswana.

After completing my Diploma, I furthered my Business degree with Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated with First Class Honours.

I am currently entrusted to lead the Sales Team in my region for Procter and Gamble (P&G). Here, I get to manage and develop growth for multibillion dollar brands such as Pantene, Pampers and Gillette. With the given resources, I am responsible to improve market share through understanding consumers, effective penetration strategy, promotion and brand communication. With that, I am able to match both brand and store’s positioning to create sparks of business growth.

I heard many people say, I wasted 4 years sitting and heating the college bench just for a piece of paper. For me, taking anything for granted is the worst thing to do. Everything I learnt on campus has indeed turned into assets in my career life. I also believe in the motto of “Work Hard Play Hard”. Go out and make as many friends as possible, don’t be choosy because you will learn new things only from new people. Have fun!


Leong Sheng Yik
BSc (Hons) in Accounting & Finance

I am grateful for what I have learnt in and out of classrooms. Equipped, Driven and Inspired are three key takeaways from my time here.

Equipped - Apart from offering industry-experienced lecturers in the classroom, Sunway emphasised students to participate in soft skills workshops, which I am glad that I took full advantage of. These skill sets has since provided me a ‘lever’ to excel in my career, for example, the ‘story telling’ approach has proven to be extremely useful be it presenting a regional strategy roadmap to the management team or pitching a product to the end user.

Driven – A week after final exams, I joined a multinational management consulting firm as an Analyst for Mergers & Acquisitions projects. While I indulged in the opportunity to analyse complex issues and develop strategic solutions, the intense environment often demand a focused, driven mentality which I was trained from my university.

Inspired – I am immensely inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship from the success stories of Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah. Upon returning home from Sydney, I took the plunge to join a fintech firm to pioneer Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) in the S.E.A region. As of today, we have completed the region’s largest ECF deal and I see my fulfilment to help more aspiring businesses.

My time at Sunway was a wonderful one, and this would not be realised without the friends, lecturers, supporting staff and everyone from the Sunway family. I look forward to contributing back to this community and did I mention to you, that I am proud to regard myself as a Sunway graduate!


Jeffred Tham King Why
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hospitality Specialisation)

Jeffred Tham King Why is the Managing Director of Thai Syok Seafood Restaurant, a restaurant serving authentic Thai delicacies.

The Sunway alumnus who completed his Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hospitality Specialisation) in August 2007, says his role is to oversee all aspects of the business from guest satisfaction to profit and loss. He also manages over 13 full time employees working with the restaurant.

In 2008, Jeffred joined Wynn Macau as captain of Cafe Esplanada. He was then promoted to the position of Trainer of Food and Beverage (F&B) in May that year. A year later, he became Training Managerfor the F&B Division, with responsibilities managing and organising training for 1300 team members. Jeffred and his management team created the F&B Academy.

In his spare time, Jeffred enjoys photography and Teakwondo. He is now a second Dan black belt in the martial art and previously served as a president of Sunway University Teakwondo Club.

"When talking about hospitality, we talk about the 'moment of truth'. We cannot rely merely on academics but must balance it with fieldwork as well," he opined."Sunway University really excelled in this area. During my time there, the school provided a real restaurant for students to operate, a 5-star kitchen and experienced lecturers to lead the class. This was a great platform for us to put what we learnt into practice, learning to serve real customers. The patient and professional lecturers not only thaught us from books, but also shared their experience with us, equipping us well before stepping into the industry."

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